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  • Public Administration (BS)

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

This program prepares students for government service on the federal, state, or local level, for employment in nonprofit organizations, and for careers which require various administrative skills. Its courses focus on such areas as budgeting, personnel and financial administration, the management of organizations, public services, law, political and government institutions, ethics, and global awareness.

Total Major Credits 36 credits

Required Courses (27 credits)

POLSC 100 American Government and Politics  
PA 201 Public Administration  
PA 202 Studies in Public Administration  
PA 305 State and Local Government  
PA 306 City Management  
PA 340 Public Policy  
PA 362 Public Personnel Administration  
PA 363 Public Financial Administration  
PA 364 Organizational Theory and Management  

Major Electives (9 credits)
Select three courses in public administration, political science, or other approved areas.

CORE Curriculum (30 credits)

Includes two writing courses (including, Expository Writing
or the equivalent); a Mathematics skills course; and at least
one approved course from each of the following categories:
Natural Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Science; and
additional liberal arts electives for a total of 30 credits.

Electives (54 credits)
Total Credits required to graduate 120 credits