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  • Paralegal Studies

Roger Williams University offers an Associate of Science, a Bachelor of Science and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies as well as a Certificate in Nurse Paralegal.

The Paralegal Studies program is a practice-oriented course of study designed to prepare students as paralegals to undertake highly responsible positions in the United States legal system. Students receive education in many different facets of law, including the use of computers, legal databases and alternative dispute resolution. In 1998, the Paralegal Studies program was approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Some courses are available via distance education, but in accordance with ABA requirements, a minimum of 10 semester credits of legal specialty courses must be taken in a traditional classroom setting (face-to-face). Paralegals are prohibited from the practice of law except when allowed by law or court rule.

Paralegal Studies Program Objectives

The objectives of the Paralegal Studies program are consistent with the University’s missions and goals. For planning purposes, the Paralegal Studies Advisory Board and Focus Groups consisting of lawyers, paralegal managers, and paralegals are utilized in defining the strategic plan for the program.

Regardless of how the Paralegal Studies program defines its strategic direction and thus objectives and outcomes, the ongoing involvement of constituents is a key element in the determination of the mission, objectives, goals, outcomes and tactical plans.  Furthermore, as discussed under the section, “Significant Constituencies of the Program”, constituents play a major role in assisting each program with determining the specific program outcomes and objectives that are monitored, measured, and refined by our assessment plan.

The Program’s educational goals are:

  • Provide students with knowledge of ethics and professional responsibility to enable him/her to recognize these values and perform legal services in an ethical manner.
  • Provide each student with tools to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Develop in each student the ability to communicate effectively through training in legal research, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Provide each student with the ability to be a competent legal professional by providing legal theory and practical skills utilized in the legal environment.        

Paralegal Studies Program’s Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Paralegal Studies Program is to:
Deliver the highest quality undergraduate professional educational experience enabling our graduates to excel in the practice of their professional discipline or the pursuit of an advanced degree.