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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts Studies

Visual Arts offers a professional degree, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, and the Liberal Arts degree, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The BA degree is designed to easily work with a dual degree or Minor in another subject. The Professional BFA degree is designed for students who seek careers or graduate school in the visual arts and allows students to pursue an area of media concentration within the professional degree, including:

  • Film, Animation and Video
  • Painting, Drawing and Printmaking
  • Photography and Digital Media
  • Sculpture

Intersections Program

The Intersections program is an ongoing, weekly seminar, required of all VARTS majors throughout their college career. Designed to build a sense of community among the students, the program provides a forum for lively discussion around a range of issues in the arts. Lectures, demonstrations, presentations or round-table discussions with students, faculty and guest artists stimulate an ongoing dialogue meant to complement the studio

History and Theory

Emphasis of study is placed on historical as well as contemporary theories in the Arts so that students may better place their own work in a larger context.  All Visual Arts students take courses in Art and Architectural History and many VARTS students develop a minor or second major in AAH.  Requited courses in AAH include:

  • Art and Architectural History I
  • Art and Architectural History II
  • Issues in Contemporary Art


  • Foundations Drawing
  • Foundations Painting
  • Foundations Photography
  • Foundations Sculpture

Intermediate Studios

  • Intro to Digital Media
  • Mixed Media

Media Concentration Areas: 

Film, Animation and Video

  • Film, Video and Animation
  • Intermediate Concepts in Digital Art
  • Intermediate Concepts in Film, Video and Animation
  • Topics in Photography and Digital Media

Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

  • Drawing The Figure
  • Renaissance Drawing Techniques
  • Renaissance Drawing Techniques: The Human Figure
  • Introduction to Printmaking
  • Oil Painting
  • Advanced Drawing: Process and Content
  • Painting The Figure
  • Renaissance Apprentice Workshop
  • The Art of Buon Fresco
  • Topics in Painting/Drawing/Printmaking

Photography and Digital Media

  • Intermediate Concepts in Photography
  • Advanced Photography: Process and Content
  • Intermediate Concepts in Digital Art
  • Topics in Photography and Digital Media


  • Intermediate Concepts in Sculpture 
  • Advanced Sculpture: Process and Content
  • Topics in Sculpture

Advanced Studies

  • Visual Arts Professional Practices
  • Inter Media Workshop
  • Senior Studio
  • Visual Arts Thesis
  • Special Topics in Visual Art

RWU VARTS Student Work

Lauren Opaciuch
Lauren MacDonald
Phill Stott
Nicole Stevens
Cate Lucke
Max Blackledge
Phil Soucy
Phil Shaw
Phill Stott
Phil Beglin
Brent Gentile
Dan Watterworth
Kathy Klesseck
Exhibition: "We're All Here Because We're Not All There
Exhibition: "We're All Here Because We're Not All There
Exhibition Inside Uhaul Trucks
Exhibition Inside Uhaul Trucks
Exhibition Inside Uhaul Trucks
Exhibition: Poof
Exhibition: Poof
Exhibition: Not Nessesarily Digital
Exhibition: Not Nessesarily Digital
Exhibition: Intermediate Digital Media
Anthony Capriccio
Adam Darter and Anthony Capriccio
Jedidiah Sopchak
Rachel Coleman
Dustin Powell
Mixed Media, Collaboration with Zehra Khan
Shannon Inglis, Mixed Media
James Dixon
Jessica Lundberg
Jessica Lundberg
Lauren Opaciuch
Krysten Gormley, Sculpture/Installation
Michael Sekera, Sculpture
Michelle Meagher, Sculpture
Jocelyn Canario
Jonathan Shea, Sculpture
Abby Lazerick, Sculpture
Mary Woodward in her Studio
Brian Rossacci, Sculpture
Michael Sekera, Sculpture
Phil Soucy (foreground) Phil Shaw (Background) at Franklin Street
Cynthia Rahming, Installation
Sara Consolati, Sculpture
Lou Benedetto
Foundations Drawing
Foundations Painting