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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree serves both as a non-professional liberal arts degree, and as preparation for further graduate study in architecture and related fields. Students completing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree may apply to professional Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture and Doctor of Architecture professional degree programs in order to fulfill their educational requirements toward professional registration in architecture.

Degree Requirements


ARCH 101 Foundations of Architecture
ARCH 121 History of Art and Architecture I
ARCH 122 History of Art and Architecture II
VARTS 101 Foundations of Drawing

Students are required to complete the five-course Architectural Design Core Studio sequence, and one advanced architectural design studio. The Core consists of five sequential semesters addressing fundamental architectural design issues, and graphic and computer communications skills. An advanced architectural studio or a topical studio in urban issues completes the studio sequence.

ARCH 113 Architectural Design Core Studio I
ARCH 114 Architectural Design Core Studio II
ARCH 213 Architectural Design Core Studio III
ARCH 214 Architectural Design Core Studio IV
ARCH 313 Architectural Design Core Studio V
ARCH 413 Advanced Architectural Design Studio


ARCH 416 Advanced Topical Design Studio: Urban

The History/Theory sequence is a combination of required introductory and intermediate courses, and advanced elective options.

ARCH 121-122 History of Art and Architecture I-II
ARCH 325 History of Modern Architecture
ARCH 322 Theory of Architecture

And ONE Intermediate History/Theory Elective:

ARCH 324 Evolution of Urban Form
ARCH 327 History of American Architecture
ARCH 328 Renaissance Architecture in Perspective
ARCH 329 History of Landscape Architecture
AAH 313 Arts and Architecture of Africa
AAH 321 Arts and Architecture in the Classical World
AAH 322 Arts and Architecture in the Medieval World
AAH 323 Arts and Architecture in the Islamic World
AAH 330 Topics in Art and Architectural History
HP 341 Pre-Industrial America
HP 342 Industrial America

Environment and Human Behavior
The Environment and Human Behavior sequence is a two-part structure of required intermediate level courses, and advanced elective options.

ARCH 321 Site and Environment

Technical Systems
The Technical Systems sequence is intended to make students aware of practical and theoretical aspects of the interrelationships between materials, building systems, and structures, an understanding of which is essential for both functional and imaginative design.

ARCH 335 Structure, Form, and Order
ARCH 231 Construction Materials and Assemblies I
ARCH 333 Building Systems: Equipment for Buildings
Practice and Professional Development
ARCH 101 Foundations of Architecture
VARTS 101 Foundations of Drawing
ARCH 287 Computer Applications in Design
Electives Requirement
Completion of two electives is required for graduation. Students are advised to apply one of these electives to expand the University Core Concentration into a minor.
Students are free to choose from the University's course offerings to satisfy this requirement. Pre-requisites for MATH 136 Precalculus (MATH 101 Principles of Algebra, Math 107 Intermediate Algebra, Math 117 College Algebra) and prerequisites for WTNG 102 Expository Writing, (WTN 100 Introdction to Academics Writing) will not count as electives toward the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree.

Mathematics Requirement
Math 136 Precalculus or MATH 213 Calculus I and Lab are required for all Architecture majors, and are a prerequisite for required courses in the structures sequence. Successful completion of one of these courses also fulfills the University's Core requirement in mathematics. Students are encouraged to complete the highest level of mathematics that they place into, in recognition of the fact some Roger Williams University minors and graduate study options at other universities may require calculus. Students seeking to complete a Minor in Structural Engineering must complete MATH 213 Calculus I and Lab.

Science Requirement
Architecture majors are required to complete PHYS 109-Physics I-Algebra Based and Lab or PHYS 201-Physics I-Calculus Based and Lab or ENGR 210, and either CORE 101 Science or BIO 104-Biology II or NATSC 103-Earth Systems Science and Lab. Both BIO 104 and NATSC 103 count toward the Core Concentration and Minor in Sustainability Studies.


Course Catalog

To read more about our academic offerings, or to view full course descriptions, please refer to our University Catalog.

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Elective Offerings

Undergraduate Electives

ARCH 430 Special Topics in Architecture
ARCH 461 Introduction to Landscape Architecture
ARCH 477 Architecture in Context
ARCH 478 Dutch Architecture: The Enduring 20th Century Legacy
ARCH 484 Construction Estimating and Scheduling
ARCH 487 Digital Modeling
ARCH 488 Computer Applications for Professional Practice

HP 300 level or above courses
ARCH 500 level or above electives (with permission)