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architecture grad brochureThe School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation offers the Master of Architecture professional degree program for entering graduate students who hold a pre-professional B.A. or B.S. in Architecture degree. Our goals include preparing students to enter the profession of architecture, to prepare for licensure, to provide for a sufficient depth of understanding of the components of architectural practice and to understand the diverse nature and variety of roles for architects in relation to other fields. The program encourages the mastery and skillful integration of environmental, social, historical, artistic, technical and philosophical concerns into carefully scaled designs that enhance their context.

Students develop design, visual and digital communication skills; knowledge of building techniques; and an understanding of human problems in a variety of local, regional and international contexts. In a world of continuous technological change, these timeless values and skills exist as relevant tools for contemporary life and practice, and as a means toward advancing the cause of a humane and civilized environment for all.

Applying to the Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) Program

Degree Requirements

ARCH 413 Advanced Architectural Design Studio  
ARCH 416 Advanced Topical Design Studio: Urban  


ARCH 516 Graduate Topical Design Studio: Urban  
ARCH 434 Design of Structures I  
ARCH 435 Design of Structures II  
ARCH 488 Computer Applications for Professional Practice  
ARCH 513 Comprehensive Project Design Studio  
ARCH 515 Graduate Architectural Design Studio (two required)  
ARCH 522 Environmental Design Research  
ARCH 542 Professional Practice  
ARCH 641 Graduate Thesis Research Seminar  
ARCH 613 Graduate Thesis Studio  

Electives: One Advanced History/Theory Elective, and four Architecture Electives, with three minimum at the graduate level

Course Catalog

To read more about our academic offerings, or to view full course descriptions, please refer to our University Catalog.

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Elective Offerings


History/Theory Advanced Level Course Options:

ARCH 475 Frank Lloyd Wright: A Life’s Work  
ARCH 478 Dutch Architecture: The Enduring 20th Century Legacy  
ARCH 530 Special Topics in Architecture  
ARCH 573 Modernism in the Non-Western World: A Comparative Perspective  
ARCH 575 Contemporary Asian Architecture and Urbanism  
ARCH 576 Theoretical Origins of Modernism  
ARCH 577 The American Skyscraper  
AAH 430 Special Topics in Art and Architectural History (selected topics)  
ARCH 530 Special Topics in Art and Architectural History (selected topics)  
HP 351 History and Philosophy of Historic Preservation  
HP 391 Architecture and Historic Preservation Abroad  

Graduate Architecture Electives: Four Required (a minimum of three at the graduate level):
Students are encouraged to look at these electives as a means to explore various concentrations available within the MS in Architecture program. Graduate electives are grouped in the areas of Sustainable Design, Urban Design, Digital Media and Historic Preservation. In addition some Integrative Core MS in Architecture courses are available as Architecture Electives. Students from other pre-professional programs may apply one undergraduate Architecture Elective to this requirement; otherwise all four should be taken at the Graduate level.

Sustainable Design: Arch 521 Sustainable Design Seminar, Arch 593 Sustainable Paradigms, Arch 594 Urban Ecology, Arch 533 Detailing the High-performance Envelope, Arch 535 Introduction to Proactive Simulation, Arch 536 Special Topics in Sustainable Design.

Urban Design: Arch 572 Urban Design Theory, Arch 594 Urban Ecology, Arch 524 Evolution of Urban Form, Arch 529 History of Landscape Architecture, 561 Landscape Architecture, HP 682L Preservation Planning Workshop, Arch 537 Special Topics in Urban Design.

Digital Media: Arch 587 Advanced Computer Applications in Design, Arch 586 Processing, Arch 588 Digital Manufacturing, Arch 589: 4-D (Four Dimensional), Arch 535 Intro to Proactive Simulation, Arch 538 Special Topics in Digital Media.

Historic Preservation: HP 501 Fundamentals of Historic Preservation, HP 502 Preservation Planning, HP 503 Principles of Architectural Conservation, HP 525 Preservation Economics, HP 530 Special Topics in Historic Preservation, HP 681L: Historic Rehabilitation Workshop, HP 582L Architectural Conservation, HP 526: Preservation Law and Regulation, HP 682L Preservation Planning Workshop.

Core MS in Architecture courses: ARCH 606 Field Research Seminar, ARCH 616: Collaborative Workshop.

Graduate Architecture Electives: Arch 574 Regionalism in Architecture, Arch 581 Construction Contract Documents, Arch 530 Special Topics in Architecture.




  • Delivery Method: In-Class
  • Start Term: Fall only
  • Course Load: Full-Time only
  • Tuition: $16,896 per Semester (10-24 credits) / Summer: $892/credit
  • Admission Deadline: March 1st

Professional Degree Program Accreditation

Roger Williams University offers the following NAAB-accredited degree programs:
M. Arch. (pre-professional degree + 38 graduate credits)
Next accreditation visit:  2018