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  • Research

Meaningful research opportunities are a critical component of a student's education in SAAHP. Faculty and students are engaged in a variety of projects through coursework and their own endeavors in research and publications, including an annual publication of graduating student work.  

Recent publications include:

  • 2011 - Town of Warren, RI Historic Resources Plan; Arnold Robinson, Visiting Assistant Professor and students
  • 2011 - Fall 2010 Buenos Aires Program, Julian Bonder, Professor of Architecture
  • 2010 - Shaded Cities, Professor Charles Hagenah and students
  • 2009 - Masdar Studio, Ulker Copur, Professor of Architecture and students
  • 2009 - Firenze XP Florence Program Architecture Student Work Exhibition, Franco Pisani, Visiting Professor and students
  • 2009 - 2009 SAAHP Graduation Booklet
  • 2009 - The Big Blue, Tayo Heuser, Visiting Artist
  • 2009 - Tango Blues, Tayo Heuser, Visiting Artist
  • 2009 - Museum of Palestinian History, Student Work Exhibition, Jerusalem, Roger Williams University; Hasan-Uddin Khan, Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Historic Preservation, Karl Sabbagh and Students
  • 2008 - Eggtopia, Nermin Kura, Associate Professor of Art and Architectural History
  • 2008 - Florilegium, Nermin Kura, Associate Professor of Art and Architectural History
  • 2008 - 2008 SAAHP Graduation Booklet
  • 2008 - Along the Way: Charles Hagenah Paintings. Introduction by Charles Hagenah, Professor of Architecture; Essay by Stephen White, Dean