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Web Development Major

The Web Development program is hands-on and project-based. In our program students begin working on actual projects for real clients in their sophomore year. This learning approach not only provides a more natural and exciting learning environment, it ensures that graduates have the knowledge and expertise needed along with the “people skills” that often define success in the real world. Students graduate with a portfolio representing three years of real projects they have completed for actual clients.
Web Development majors at Roger Williams University learn how to develop Web sites using traditional as well as cutting edge (Web 2.0) tools and techniques. Our projects emphasize applying those techniques to solve real world problems and create real world opportunities. The principles of Responsive Web Design (RWD) are followed to create sites and applications for mobile as well as wide screen displays. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media techniques are used to maximize site traffic and Web analytics are employed to measure and optimize the effectiveness of client websites.
In addition to satisfying the University Core Curriculum requirements, Web Development majors must complete eight CIS courses (three of which are electives) and at least two courses from a list of options. Students must also elect to complete a minor in one of the following areas: Marketing, Business, Management, Economics, Accounting, Finance; or complete a second major in any area.

Required Courses:

CIS 102 Computer Applications in Business  
CIS 200 Introduction to Computer Programming: Animation and Games  
CIS 206 Introduction to Web Development  
CIS 299 Web Development Center I  
(3) CIS Electives at the 300 or 400 level.
CIS 469 Web Development Internship  
At least two (2) of the following:
(*Courses marked with an asterisk have prerequisites)
* COMM 111 Writing for the Mass Media  
COMM 165 Introduction to Visual Communication  
* COMM 240 Electronic Communication: Technology, Modes and Methods  
* DSGN 110 Introduction to Typography  
* DSGN 300 Web Design Communication  
* JOUR 315 Introduction to Photojournalism  
* JOUR 355 Digital Journalism I  
MRKT 200 Marketing Principles  
* MRKT 360 Marketing on the Web  
MRKT 401 Advertising Campaigns Research  
MRKT 402 Advertising Campaigns Practicum  
VARTS 261 Foundations of Photography  
VARTS 361 Digital Tools and Methods  

1 or 2 CIS Elective(s) at the 300 or 400 level