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In this major, students learn to develop Web sites utilizing traditional means as well as cutting edge tools and techniques. Students solve real world problems through the application of those techniques and create real world opportunities in the many diverse fields touched by the Web. From using the principles of Responsive Web Design (RWD) to create sites and applications for mobile devices and wide screen displays to maximizing site traffic through search engine optimzation and social media techniques, the Web Development program provides students with expertise in industry standards.

The Web Development program is intensely hands-on and team oriented and is designed to ensure that students graduate with a portfolio of real world projects. Students begin working on projects for real world clients in their sophomore year. Multidisciplinary teams comprised of students with backgrounds in marketing, business, technology, graphic design and communications compete to pitch clients on their ideas. Incorporating the three R's of project based learning (relationships, relevance and rigor), RWU's approach provides an exciting learning environment along with the knowledge, expertise and people skills that are necessary for success after graduation. Some recent student projects include a complete web redesign for a local nonprofit, an encrypted online bill payment option for a water company and an online scheduling component for a literacy volunteer group.

Best of all, the Web Development program at RWU is versatile. Students can customize this program to fit into individual areas of interest and career goals. Built around a set of core competencies, students are free to integrate a focus in graphic design, marketing, public relations, journalism, communication, security, business management, computer science or just about any other subject that is of interest. Of course, some students choose to delve deeper into Web programming and technology. Students are encouraged to take this major anywhere they want it to go. Interested in a double major? Looking to minor in several areas? Faculty members are available to help students turn this program into their dream job.