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The Three-Plus-Three Business Law Program is jointly
sponsored by the Mario J. Gabelli School of Business and
the Roger Williams University School of Law allowing
outstanding students to complete all requirements for
both a baccalaureate degree in business administration
and the Juris Doctor Degree in six years, as opposed to the
traditional seven-year period of study. The modified course
of study for the Three-Plus-Three Business Law Program
student continues to preserve the distinctive hallmarks
of Roger Williams University’s liberal arts approach to
education. The program requires students to declare
Business as their primary undergraduate major, and to take
the core business school courses common to all business
majors at the Mario J. Gabelli School of Business. Instead
of choosing a specific business discipline as a major and
taking business courses within that field, the student can
substitute first year law school courses and commit to take
law school electives in business related areas to meet major
and elective requirements.

Selection for the Three-Plus-Three Program

Students who are accepted into the Mario J. Gabelli School of
Business may apply for the Three-Plus-Three (3+3) program
during their third semester. Applications to participate in the
Program will be considered based on superior academic records
including performance on the SAT examination, secondary
school graduating class rank and scholastic achievement during
the student’s first two years at Roger Williams University. The
application includes the following:
  • a personal statement of the applicant expressing interest in
    the Program and explaining scholastic achievement to date
    as an undergraduate at RWU;
  • a signed statement by the applicant indicating that he or
    she presents no serious character or fitness issues that
    would prevent admission to the Three-Plus-Three Program
    or admission to the School of Law;
  • a copy of the applicant’s high school transcript with
    documentation stating the applicant’s SAT score and
    secondary school graduating class rank; and
  • a current transcript of undergraduate courses completed.
During their third semester, interested students will be
required to submit an essay describing how their proposed
core concentration will fit into their overall plan of study and
how that core concentration will assist them in preparing for
graduate legal education.
Admission into the undergraduate component of the
Program will be determined by the University Pre-Law Advisory
Committee with the advice of representatives from the Mario
J. Gabelli School of Business, including the Mario J. Gabelli
School of Business Pre-Law Advisor. Transfer students who
have completed prior study at another higher education
institution are not eligible to apply to the Three-Plus-Three
Business Law program.

Satisfactory Progress in Three-Plus-Three Program

Satisfactory Progress in Three-Plus-Three Program
Roger Williams University undergraduate students admitted
into the Three-Plus-Three Program must demonstrate
superior academic performance in order to remain in good
standing in the Program. That performance must meet the
following criteria:
  • Achieve a minimum grade of B- in the following courses:
    ECON 111, ECON 112, WTNG 102, WTNG 220, CORE 102,
    and CORE 104;
  • At the end of the sophomore year, students must have
    earned a minimum of 56 credits with at least at 3.5
    cumulative grade point average and must present no
    serious character and fitness issues;
  • At the end of the junior year, students must have
    earned a minimum of 90 credits, with at least a 3.5
    cumulative grade point average, must have satisfied all
    requirements of the Modified Undergraduate Course
    of Study for the Program, must have taken the LSAT
    during their junior year and, must present no serious
    character and fitness issues.
Failure to maintain these criteria will result in the
inability to apply for, or result in the automatic removal
from the Program.
During their third year, students accepted into the Three-
Plus-Three Business Law program are required to take three
undergraduate business electives. In selecting these courses,
students may use one of the following strategies:
  1. Focus in one discipline
    a) Take three 300-400 level courses in a single
    functional area
    b) The student would be responsible for any
    prerequisites required by these courses.
  2. Focus in International Business
    a) Take the following courses which focus on international business
    i) MGMT 340
    ii) MRKT 340
    iii) FNCE 360
  3. General Business
    a) Take three 300-400 level courses in two or three functional business areas
    b) Courses must be selected to fulfill a specific purpose, such as industrial or career focus
Students following the B.S./J.D. program will be
considered candidates for the B.S. degree following the
completion of the first year in law; i.e., the fourth year
of the program. Such candidates for the B.S. must file an
application for degree with the University Registrar before
registering for their fourth-year courses (first year Law
School courses).

Acceptance into Roger Williams University School of Law

Students enrolled in the Program must apply to the
School of Law during the fall of their junior year. It is
recommended that they sit for the LSAT during the
October administration but no later than the December
LSAT test administration of that year. Students enrolled in
the Program who satisfy all undergraduate requirements,
who achieve an LSAT score that is at or above the School
of Law’s median accepted score for the previous year, and
who present no serious character and fitness issues will
be guaranteed admission to the Roger Williams University
School of Law.