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Investment Platforms: Security Dealing Systems (SDS)

The Center for Advanced Financial Education boasts a large assortment of technology, which provides access to real time data, news and information for companies listed on all of the major exchanges across the globe. SDS MarketWatch provides a comprehensive set of customizable market data systems for students acting as fund managers to meet total real-time market data and trading needs. The service offers real time information analysis, decision support, and trading/order routing software system solutions.

An intrinsic feature of the Security Dealing Systems service is its analytic ability, helping the students understand the markets by means of real-time tools. Security Dealing Systems provides current information on company fundamentals and performance, and market overview. In addition, supplemental information from Zacks, Lionshares and, give access to institutions, mutual funds, and insider/stakeholder information in real time.

Responsiveness to Current News

Security Dealings Systems MarketWatch is a necessary tool in helping to regulate the flow of information that enters the Center for Advanced Financial Education. It is through this service that the student managers are able to base their investment decisions on sound principles derived from the research provided through this program.

Security Dealing Systems is an advantage for the purpose of reporting insider decisions within a company. Through SDS a service called Lionshares provides data on the position size and trading behavior of insiders, institutional investors and mutual funds companies. Student managers use such information to base judgments on investor sentiment and market perceptions. It is extremely important to have information and financial data available at the fingertips of the student managers. It is through this flow of information that the student managers stay connected to the world of finance. When there are extreme circumstances, such as “shocks,” it is very important that the student managers maintain their current flow of knowledge in order to interpret how the news will have an impact on the company.