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The Center for Advanced Financial Education takes advantage of a variety of  technologies within the Gabelli School.  , This provides access to real time data, news and information for companies listed on all of the major exchanges around the world. In order to manage real-money successfully, it must be done in real-time. As the CAFÉ Portfolio Management Program strives to replicate every aspect of industry, it utilizes the same tools as does the financial services industry. 

Financial Platforms: Bloomberg

Bloomberg is the industry standard that is the benchmark for all analytical financial platforms today. The Bloomberg Professional® service (the Terminal) is the most powerful and flexible platform for financial professionals who need real-time data, news and analytics to make smarter, faster, more informed business decisions. As the leading provider of sector, industry and company information, Bloomberg enhances the student fund manager’s ability to incorporate a more thorough top-down analysis, leading to more sound investment decisions.  In addition, by gaining the experience on this platform prior to graduation, graduates are more at ease when transitioning into industryFinancial Platforms: Money.Net

Money.Net provides a comprehensive set of customizable market data systems for students acting as fund managers (and traders) to meet total real-time market data and trading needs. The service offers real-time information analysis, decision support, and trading solutions.

An intrinsic feature of the Money.Net service is its analytic ability, helping the students understand the markets by means of real-time tools. Money.Net is the lead trading platform when incorporating Technical Analysis Techniques and VWAP into timing trades.

Responsiveness to Current News

Both Bloomberg and Money.Net are necessary tools in helping to regulate the flow of information that enters the Center for Advanced Financial Education. It is through these services that the student managers are able to base their investment decisions on sound principles derived from the research provided through these platforms.