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Rhetorical Theory; Professional Writing; Computers and Writing
Sustainability and Marketing of Sustainable Buildings; Green Building Certification Systems; Scheduling, Control, and Optimization; Construction Management Education
Historic Preservation
American Politics, Public Policy, Public Administration, University Core
Terrestrial and Urban Ecology
Research: U.S. Economic History. Teaching: Econometrics, Microeconomics, Environmental Economics
Teaching: Marketing (Promotion, Web Marketing and Consumer Behavior). Research: Artisan Cheese, Artisan Bread, Meaning and Materialism
Fisheries Biology
Art and Architectural History/Nature and Art
Dance and Performance Studies
Mechanical Engineering with a focus in acoustics,
18th-century British literature, Rise of the Novel, Literary Theory/Cultural Criticism, Jane Austen
Aquaculture & Animal Nutrition
Aquaculture, Aquariums, & Larval Ecology
Urban Ecological Design, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture
American Politics, Public Administration, Experiential Learning Pedagogy