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  • Music Minor

The Music Minor is intended for students who have another career path in mind, but want to continue to study Music at RWU. Many students who have chosen Music for their Core Concentration in the University's Core Program opt to continue on for their Music Minor by adding Music Lessons or Ensemble to their classroom study.

Music MinorStudents who choose to Minor in Music will take the following courses:

Music 161 - The Art of Rock & Roll  an elective for the Major
Music 170 - Basic Musicianship  a prerequisite for the Major
Music 211 - Evolution of Musical Style  required for the Major
Music 212 - Great Personalities in Music  required for the Major
one elective, chosen from the Music Program's classroom offerings
three semesters of Applied Music: Lessons or Ensemble
Note: Although there is a fee for Music Lessons, it is waived for Music minors who demonstrate a satisfactory rate of progress in the Music program. For lesson taken off-campus, the RWU portion of these fees is waived but students must pay the off-campus fee of $240.

You will find descriptions of the courses on the Music Major page.