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  • Our Faculty

Our three versatile fulltime faculty teach courses in music theory & composition, music history, world cultures through music, and direct the Instrumental Ensemble. Dedicated to awakening the thinker within the students and musicians in their classrooms, the music faculty all also teach in the University's Core Program. All are professional performers as well as composers, with acclaimed recordings and publications to their credit.

Our talented adjunct faculty are professional musicians who teach private lessons in the Applied Music program and direct the Chorus. They work with all students at whatever level each student enters the program, and develop their abilities strategically.

You will find a contact information and a brief write-up on each of our faculty below.


Instrumental Ensemble, Music History, World Cultures through Music
Music History, Music and Culture of the Americas
Composition, Music Theory, Electronic and Computer Music, Jazz Studies, Improvisation, Music of the Twentieth Century and Contemporary Music