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Novel applications of LC-MS to the undergradauate curriculum. Fatty Acid Profiling of marine samples.
Several Complex Variables, Complex Analysis, Computer Science
Aquaculture, Aquariums, & Larval Ecology
Photochemical Storage of Solar Energy; Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Inorganic Transition Metal Complexes.
Point-Set Topology, Uniform and Quasi-uniform Spaces, Proximity and Quasi-proximity Spaces, Bitopological Spaces, Hyperspaces, Partially Ordered Topological Spaces, Domain Theory, Dual Topologies, Categorical Topology, History of Mathematics
Aquaculture & Animal Nutrition
Synthesis and biological activity of natural products and their analogs
Gamma ray bursts, supernovae, cosmic chemical evolution.
Terrestrial and Urban Ecology
Genetics & Evolution of Viruses
Earth Systems
Numerical Analysis, Integral Equations, Helmholtz Equation and Radiosity Equation
Biomechanics & Evolutionary Ecology
Polymer Photophysics; Environmental Chemosensor Design; "Green" Chemistry in Materials Development
Aquaculture & Marine Habitat Restoration
Developmental Biology
Microbiology & Biotechnology
Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
Aquatic Veterinary Science
Behavioral and physiological ecology of marine mammals and other marine vertebrates
Category theory, general symbolic computing, functional and logic programming.
Genetics & Cell Biology
Biogeography, Biodiversity and Systematics of Marine Algae
Plant Physiology & Physiological Plant Ecology
Biophysics, Non-linear Dynamics, Statistical Mechanics
Fisheries Biology