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    Journalism Program

    At its core, Journalism is—regardless of the medium—a writing major. The purpose of the Journalism major is to teach students the craft of news gathering and writing. The curriculum begins with an emphasis on the rigor and traditions of news reporting before introducing tools and training for electronic-based media production. As students move through the major, they will add to their writing skills an appreciation for digital journalism. With completion of the Journalism major, students should have excellent writing and verbal skills, an understanding of media history and ethics, a proficiency in digital journalism and a superior understanding of news in all its forms.


    Journalism is about gathering news and presenting it to a broad audience through writing, photography, video or a combination of all three. The Internet and social media have had a seismic impact on many journalism channels. They have become forums for breaking news and hyper-local journalism. While the business model for the daily newspaper industry is in trouble, Journalism itself is being reinvented and reinvigorated by the many new media channels that have been created by digital technologies. New magazines, new networks, new apps, new opportunities are created every day.


    Students who are interested in being on top of current events, in narrating our world, in reading, writing, doing research, and working in media and through media are great candidates for the Journalism major.

    Students who want to work with others in a a fast-paced environment, who want their ability to think critically and solve problems creatively to be valued, who believe that an informed public is key to a functioning democracy, benefit from the RWU Journalism curriculum where integrity and responsibility to the public are essential.

    Our Journalism students are curious, passionate and eager to work at telling the stories important to our communities and to society.



    Where can a degree in Journalism take you? Journalism is a field that deals with information and content creation, be it for print, broadcast or web. 

    Here are just some of the many areas in which our graduates work:

    • News reporter
    • Editor
    • Newscaster
    • Author
    • Scriptwriter
    • Publisher
    • News service researcher
    • Technical writer
    • Acquisitions editor
    • Media interviewer
    • Web content creator
    • News photographer
    • Videographer
    • Documentary film maker