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Hubert Noussi Kamdem

Hubert Noussi Kamdem, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Ph.D. in Mathematics, New Mexico State University

Contact Information
Areas of Expertise: 
Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems and Control Theory
Fields of interest: Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems, Control Theory.
Research: I am interested in the interaction of microorganisms in a laboratory device and a mathematical model called the chemostat. The applications of the chemostat are numerous and include waste water treatment process, systems for ecotoxicology, host-parasite evolution, natural selection, cell cycle dynamics, consumer-resource dynamics, trophic interaction, species coexistence, interspecific competition, and ecosystem structure and function.
Potential Student Research Projects: Competition of microorganisms, the competitive exclusion principle, mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, population models (discrete and continuous), and predator-prey models.