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Life Post - RWU: Where do RWU English Literature Graduates Work?


Maggie Daubenspeck (FIT Intern '17) Reports From the Real World:
An Interview with Alumni Amanda Musto

Amanda MustoAmanda Musto graduated from Roger Williams in May 2009 with a double major in English Literature and Communications. We decided to set up an interview with Amanda to see where her degree has taken her and how the skills she learned at Roger Williams helps her fare in the outside world.
Since her departure, Amanda has worked as a marketing assistant for Jamestown Distributors in Bristol, RI and finished a PR internship with Charles Nolan, a New York City fashion designer. On the job, she was responsible for creating and updating his social media networks and sending e-mail blasts.
When the summer after graduation ended, she moved back home to Boston and started to work as a social media marketing representative for Treeline, Inc., a sales recruiting firm, where she currently works today. She reports, "I use what I learned as an English major every day, such as writing blogs and presentations. Also, the difficulty and constant pressure I dealt with as an English student got me ready for the real life pressure I feel on a daily basis. My job is fast paced and deadline driven; very similar to my time as an English student."
Amanda told us that the job search is not easy, but if you remain determined and "ready to put yourself out there" then you should be successful. She told us about her experiences with numerous resume rejections, and thus suggests that persistence and fearlessness are the keys to success. She says, "You have to remember that there are countless number of candidates all going for the same job and you have to differ yourself in some way. The ability to write well is a huge plus when looking for a job, so definitely showcase that." Amanda suggests students’ save their work to present writing samples to future employers. She also recommends confidence: "Also, don't be modest when talking to a potential employer. I found that it could be difficult to admit that I could indeed write and actually had written a 60 page thesis. Employers do not know what you do not tell them, so make sure to tell them about relevant courses, projects, or research that you have done that could make you stand out."
Reminiscing about her years at Roger Williams, Amanda told us she has distinguished memories from Professor Robinson’s and Professor Shelton's classes. She says, "I had them all 4 years of college and learned so much from them." Amanda remembers Dr. Robinson’s scholarly activities fondly, as well as Dr. Robinson’s class "extras": "I'll never forget Professor Robinson's medieval feasts at her house and dressing up as a Shakespearean character. And how could I forget the countless number of hours I spent researching my thesis and the amount of times I would come to her with what I would consider brilliant only to be told to keep working, but it only made me a better writer. She really made me strive for perfection and never give up." In retrospect, Amanda also affectionately recalled Professor Shelton’s classes: "I'll never forget the mind boggling discussion Professor Shelton would lead. She had the ability to make you think in a completely different way and before you knew it you were having some sort of epiphany."


Grads in Grad School

The following is a partial list of RWU English majors who went on to graduate school...
Last Name First Name Yr Program School
Alix Cory 11 MA/Film Studies SUNY Buffalo
Ayer Elizabeth 05 MA/Professional Writing UMass-Dartmouth
Baldassini Danielle 07 MA/Publishing Emerson College
Bednarz Laura 03 MLS/Library Science  
Berkeley Heather 11 MA/Literacy Education RWU
Bowen Erin 04 MA/Professional Writing UMass-Dartmouth
Bourgeois Lindsay 09 MA/Publishing and Writing Emerson
Carrere Marissa 06 PhD/English UMass-Amherst
Clark Jana 09 MA/English University of Rhode Island
Dowds Heather 09 MAT/Education; MA/English Simmons College
Foti Nicole 11 MA/Humanities Univ. of Chicago
Freger Jennifer 93 MA/English Univ. of Ill.-Chicago
Gessford Molly 11 MA/Publishing & Writing Emerson College
Graham Callie 04 MA/English Salem State College
Liddington Hanna 98 JD/Law RWU
Maliewicki Debra 93 MA UConn
Olsen Colleen 04 MA/Special Needs Education Lesley University
Nugent Courtney 09 MA/English-Education Worcester State College
Page Theresa 06 JD/Law Univ. of Maine
Pedicone Jason 04 MA/Classics Princeton University
Reis Thomas 98 MA/English, Rhode Island College MS/Writing, Boston Univ.
Riggeri Alexander 08 MA/English-Creative Writing NYU
Sage Meagan 04 MA/Educational Leadership
w/ concentration in Student
Development in Higher Education
Central Connecticut State University
Shiga Shunsuke 09 MA/English Keio University (Japan)
Tavares Brian 09 JD/Law RWU
Tumiel Katie 04 MA/English UMass-Boston
Wind Laura 07 MA/English University of Rhode Island
Wolk Maura 05 MEd/Education Harvard University