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    English Literature Program

    Roger Williams University offers a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, as well as an English Literature/Secondary Education dual major. 

    The English Literature major celebrates the British and American canon, while exploring works from other traditions, including world literatures in translation -- including both non-western and western.  Our faculty  are committed to student-centered education and our program is dynamic and flexible, including a wide variety of project-based learning experiences, preparing students for professional careers.   Opportunities include fellowships in the university's writing center, internships, presentations at national conferences, opportunities for publishing, and special projects with RWU's Community Partnerships Center.

    The English Literature/Secondary Education dual major leads to certification for secondary education teaching in the public schools.  Students seeking this double major fulfill all the requirements of both majors in consultation with two faculty advisors -- one from each program.  Secondary education students participate fully in the academic and social aspects of the English literature program and spend their final semester student teaching.  English/Education majors also have the same opportunities to study abroad.