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    Department of Psychology

    The Psychology Department consists of 14 full-time faculty, all of whom have Ph.D’s in Psychology. We are committed to excellence in teaching and research. We strive to involve our students in our research whenever possible. Our interests are diverse and comprehensive for a department our size. We are committed to examining human diversity issues.

    With approximately 300 majors, we are also one of the largest programs on campus.  The Department is currently housed within the Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences, in the Division of Social Sciences. The Psychology major is designed to provide students with a strong basis in the scientific foundation of Psychology, expose them to the broad field of Psychology, and encourage students to apply what they have learned to research and internship experiences. This is accomplished through our curriculum as well as the countless one-on-one interactions faculty share with their students.

    The mission of the Department of Psychology is to educate students about the theories and research that guide the field of Psychology, and to train them to use an empirical approach for understanding human behavior.