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  • Urban Studies
The Minor and Core Concentration in Urban Studies offers students from both the Liberal Arts and the Professional Schools a multi-disciplinary perspective on one of humankind’s most important achievements. Urban Studies seeks to illuminate the enormous potential and persistent problems of urban life. Ours is an urban century. Urban populations are now in the majority for the first time in human history and the rapid urbanization of India and China will likely accelerate this trend. An understanding of “Globalization” also relies on an understanding of the role of “Global Cities” and their relation to the legacy of great cities throughout history. Urban Studies complements many existing majors and can also lead to graduate study in a range of related fields.

The Urban Studies Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Urban Studies

URBN 100 Introduction to Urban Studies  
URBN 400 Urban Studies Colloquium  


Four courses from the following list that meet the following requirements: 1) none of the courses may be from the departmental designation (prefix) of the student’s major; and 2) at least one course must be at the 300-level or above that does not count toward the student’s major or any other minor. This is intended to encourage students to take electives in multiple areas that balance their major course of study.

AMST 100 Approaches to the Study of American Society & Culture  
ANTH 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  
BIO 104 Biology II  
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology  
POLSC 100 American Government and Politics  
AAH 122 History of Art and Architecture II  
HIST 102 History of Western Civilization II  
HIST 152 United States History II  
SUST 101 Introduction to Sustainability Studies  
AMST 201 American Studies Research Methods*  
ANTH 222 Environmental Anthropology*  
ANTH 230 Political Anthropology*  
NATSC 203 Humans, Environmental Change and Sustainability*  
PA 220 Elements and Issues in Community Development  
POLSC/PA 260/201 Public Administration*  
PH 201 Public Health Essentials*  
SOC 201 Social Stratification*  
SOC 220 Sociological Perspectives on Race*  
URBN 299 Special Topics in Urban Studies  

* courses w/ pre-requisites or that require consent and at least one of the following:

AMST 370 Topics in Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality in America*  
AMST 371 Topics in Ethnicity Class and Region in America*  
ANTH 310 Applied Anthropology*  
ANTH 380 Culture, Change and Development*  
ARCH 324 Evolution of Urban Form  
ARCH 325 History of Modern Architecture  
BIO 376 Urban Ecosystems  
CIS 350 Geographic Analysis of Data: An Introduction to GIS  
ENG 360 Studies in Ethnic American Literature*  
HIST 390 Great Cities in History  
HP 302/502 Principles of Preservation Planning  
HP 342 Industrial America  
HP 384/582L Preservation Planning Lab  
PA 306 City Management*  
PA 351 Sustainable Economic and Community Development  
POLSC 362 Urban Politics  
SOC 330 Globalization and Identity*  
SOC 348 Urban Sociology  
WTNG 305 Writing the City  
CJS 428 Crime Prevention  
URBN 430 Advanced Special Topics in Urban Studies  
ARCH 572 Urban Design Theory**  
ARCH 575 Contemporary Asian Architecture & Urbanism**  
ARCH 593 Sustainable Paradigms**  
ARCH 594 Urban Ecology**  
ARCH 577 American Skyscraper**  

*Courses w/ at least one prerequisite other than URBN 100

**Courses at the 500 level require senior standing.