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Minor in Theatre

THEAT 110 Acting I  
THEAT 122 Stagecraft  
THEAT 123 Design for the Theatre  
THEAT 130 The Art of the Theatre  

one of the following courses

THEAT 230 Theatre History I  
THEAT 231 Theatre History II  
THEAT 330 Theatre of Shakespeare  
THEAT 331 Modern Theatre and Drama  
THEAT 333 Asian Drama and Dance  
THEAT 334 Contemporary Drama  
THEAT 431 Drama Theory and Criticism  

Five (5) credits of Theatre electives

Theatre Minor – London Option

THEAT 130 The Art of the Theatre  

One Theatre three-credit elective and four approved threecredit courses taken as part of the London Theatre Program.

The London Theatre Program

Instituted in 1971 to provide theatre students with an opportunity to see the finest theatre in the world, the program serves a limited number of students from other academic areas as well and is offered in the fall semester of alternate academic years.

London is the ideal city for students of the theatre and drama. Not only does London offer a greater quantity of productions than one could experience elsewhere, but its theatre fare is also panoramic, encompassing a broad range of periods and styles. Attendance at a large number of events is a part of the program. Courses build on the opportunities that the English site provides with frequent field trips and guest speakers. In addition to their focus on British theatrical arts, courses are multi-disciplinary, offering a wide and varied experience of European history and culture.