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  • Public Health
The Minor in Public Health engages students in an interdisciplinary exploration of Public Health and the field’s overarching goal to protect and improve the health of individuals and communities. Foundation courses in Biostatistics and Biological and Social  sciences provide students with an opportunity to examine Public Health sub-fields. Public Health-specific courses facilitate student understanding of public health assessment, policy development and health promotion education, including associated activities such as  health status monitoring, health problem and environmental hazard identification, citizen education, community mobilization and evaluation of program effectiveness. Students pursuing the Minor in Public Health complete a relevant field-based experience and contextualize the experience with primary literature, gaining unique 
perspectives on Public Health as a career.

Requirements for the Minor in Public Health

BIO 103 Biology I and Lab  
Select one of the following courses:
BIO/MATH 250 Introduction to Biostatistics#  
PSYCH 240 Quantitative Analysis#  
ANTH 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  
ANTH 270 Global Health*  
PH 201 Public Health Essentials*  
PH 350 Applied Practicum in Public Health*  
# The course has pre-requisite requirements that do not fulfill requirements for the completion of the Minor in Public Health. Some pre-requisites may be waived with the instructors’ permission or by placement exam.
* These courses have pre-requisites that fulfill requirements for the
Minor in Public Health.