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Minor in Music

MUSIC 161 The Art of Rock and Roll  
MUSIC 170 Basic Musicianship  
MUSIC 211 Evolution of Musical Style  
MUSIC 212 Great Personalities in Music  

And one of the following:

MUSIC 261 Jazz Styles and History  
MUSIC 270* Musical Theory and Composition I  
MUSIC 271* Aural Skills I  
MUSIC 299 Special Topics in Music  
MUSIC 310 Music in the USA
MUSIC 311 Music of Latin America & the Caribbean
MUSIC 312 Music of China & Japan
MUSIC 313 Music of India & Middle East
MUSIC 314 Music of Indigenous Peoples

* Note MUSIC 270 and MUSIC 271 must be taken together.

And 3 credits from the following:

MUSIC 141 Chorus  
MUSIC 151 Instrumental Ensemble  
MUSIC 231 Piano Lessons  
MUSIC 232 Guitar Lessons  
MUSIC 233 Voice Lessons