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(See related programs: Applied Mathematics ; Computational Mathematics)

The Mathematics program at Roger Williams University provides preparation for graduate study and for a variety of careers in industry and government. There is enough flexibility in the program to allow a large choice of electives, and the program, when combined with further study in a second area, can provide an excellent foundation for graduate or professional study in the physical sciences, computer science, engineering or business. Our best students have opportunities for undergraduate research, while others write theses, present at national conferences and co-author journal articles with our faculty.

Several factors distinguish Roger Williams University from the competition. For starters, small class size means more personalized attention from our faculty members. Our Math major is made up of only 10 courses, leaving plenty of room for a double major, or to experience a wide variety of electives. Our students are involved on campus—as math tutors and as members of the Mathematics Honor Society. Unlike at other institutions, our talented students get to co-author math publications with our faculty. In fact, our students are currently working on the Numerical Solution of the Helmholtz Equation for the Pseudosphere, and Foundations of General Relativity and some speculations on the Einstein-Grossmann Collaboration. Recently, one of our students was awarded the top prize in the MAA Student Essay in History of Mathematics.

Student Learning Outcomes

Mathematics majors at RWU are expected to have the ability to:

  • Prove classical theorems at the appropriate level of rigor
  • Reason mathematically
  • Read mathematical texts and articles with understanding
  • Write answers, proofs, and papers in appropriate mathematical style
  • Use appropriate technology successfully
  • Analyze problems and choose the correct technique from their repertoire to solve them
  • Make inferences and generalizations

Mathematics /Secondary Education majors at RWU are expected to have the same abilities.