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The Graphic Design Communication program at Roger Williams University is a contemporary blend of a liberal arts education and applied creative and technical skills. Graphic Design students extract information from their complete educational experience to shape visual messages that are thought-provoking, well researched and well executed. Graphic Design majors are creative, intellectually curious and disciplined. They are highly motivated, visually responsive individuals who like to work with technology but draw inspiration from academic pursuits, experimental research, social responsibility and a respect for the beauty of the physical world.

Critical thinking and technical training are partnered with practical information in the Graphic Design program. Students learn the best professional practices in the field as they relate to production, budget restrictions and client relations.

Students in Graphic Design attend class in the Graphic Design Labs, the most sophisticated computer facilities at RWU located in Global Heritage Hall. Students participate in a formal portfolio exhibition and complete an internship in their senior year.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

The goals of the Graphic Design Communication major are as follows:

  • To prepare students for careers in the demanding field of Graphic Design;
  • Create comprehension of both solid communication theory and practical graphic arts skills training;
  • Engender knowledge of how emerging technologies are used by professionals and the industry in the 21st Century;
  • Provide cutting-edge instruction and pedagogy to our students;
  • Provide service and outreach to the academic and professional communities of which we are a part both nationally and internationally;
  • Support the missions of the Department of Communication and Rogers Williams University.

Graphic design is a professional program with the goal of educating students with professional standards for an entry-level position in the graphic design industry. The measure of that has always been fairly definable: entry-level positions at design firms, advertising agencies, publications and/or web design firms, or companies that have internal graphic design departments which generally have defined tasks and expectations. Students who complete the graphic design major should have the following skills:

  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Preparation of a physical portfolio that demonstrates their visual and technical skills
  • An understanding of the contemporary landscape of graphic design industry
  • An understanding of standard tools used in the graphic design industry
  • An understanding of the history of graphic design including trends and trendsetters
  • An ability to discuss, critique and visually analyze their work