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The Environmental Science major at Roger Williams is an interdisciplinary program designed to develop an understanding of environmental processes and issues, and an awareness of our role as humans within the environment. The major encompasses several interrelated fields, including biology, ecology, chemistry, resource management, policy making and natural science.

Environmental Science is housed in the state-of-the-art Marine and Natural Sciences (MNS) Building. Located just a few hundred yards from Mount Hope Bay, the MNS Building is complete with a 4,000 square-foot wet lab, a greenhouse and a vast array of scientific equipment from dissolved oxygen probes to a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. Roger Williams is also home to the state’s only shellfish hatchery, making both our academics and our facilities widely known and respected.

Student-faculty collaboration has resulted in countless articles, publications and presentations. Our students and faculty have traveled the country to present their projects at conferences and have placed in competitions from San Antonio, Texas to Honolulu, Hawaii. Students are encouraged to join an ongoing research project as early as their first year.

A degree in Environmental Science presents numerous opportunities in fields such as resource management, ecological risk assessment, conservation biology and environmental education.