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Bachelor of Arts in Dance/Performance

The Department of Dance and Performance Studies
develops highly trained, creatively active, and professionally
oriented students with its unique curriculum. A Bachelor
of Arts
degree is offered in dance/performance. An audition
is required for acceptance into the major program. The
program allows for individual attention from the faculty, all
working professionals.

Courses are offered in technique (ballet, modern,
jazz, tap, ethnic and social forms), choreography,
history, pedagogy, movement analysis, kinesiology, and
performance techniques. Additionally, it is the only dancebased
university program to provide training in movement
theatre in the United States. Majors are expected to
maintain a continuing level of technical and creative
development and are evaluated each semester by the
faculty. Students broaden their backgrounds in the related
arts, foster perceptive appreciation and develop a sense of
artistic discrimination.

Each year, the department welcomes to campus notable
guest artists for teaching and choreographic residencies
and performance collaborations. Artists have included Seán
Curran, Doug Elkins, Heidi Latsky, Carl Flink, Molissa Fenley,
Billy Siegenfeld, Margie Gillis, Creach/Koester, Arthur Hall,
Meredith Monk, Marty Beller, Emilie Plauché, Fred Curchack,
Bill Evans, Daniel Stein, Laura Glenn, Gilles Obermayer, and
Claire Porter.

Selected students have an opportunity to compose,
perform, and produce their own works in studio performances.
Auditions are held each semester for The Dance Theatre,
the university dance company that presents major concert
series and mini-concerts, workshops, and presentations in the
state and region. Each year, the Dance Theatre participates
in the American College Dance Festival in various parts of
the country and has performed several times at the National
Gala Concert at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,
Washington, D.C.

Any interested dance student may participate in the dance
component of the London theatre program during the junior or
senior year.

The dance/performance major must satisfy University
Core Curriculum requirements. In addition, majors must
successfully complete the 42 credits listed below and sufficient
electives to total 120 credits. Majors are encouraged to
apply electives toward a minor or second major. Majors are
also required to participate in a technique class every day
and maintain a satisfactory level of competence. Progress is
evaluated by faculty each semester.

Foundation Courses – Required – 9 credits

DANCE 101 The Creative Athlete  
DANCE 290 Introduction to Choreography  
DANCE 310 Dance History  

Technique Studies Courses – Required – 15 credits

DANCE 210 Ballet I  

and a minimum of 12 credits in Upper Level Technique courses taken from the following:

DANCE 211 Ballet II  
DANCE 220 Intermediate Modern/Jazz Technique and Improvisation I  
DANCE 221 Intermediate Modern/Jazz Technique and Improvisation II  
DANCE 301 Intermediate Modern/Jazz Technique and Improvisation III  
DANCE 302 Intermediate Modern/Jazz Technique and Improvisation IV  
DANCE 320 Advanced Technique and Improvisation I  
DANCE 321 Advanced Technique and Improvisation II  
DANCE 401 Advanced Technique and Improvisation III  
DANCE 402 Advanced Technique and Improvisation IV  

A daily technique class in Modern, Jazz, and/or Ballet (credit or
audit) is required of all majors.

Note: Majors must complete a proficiency audition for placement
into technique and choreography classes.

Theory and Performance Studies Courses – 18 credits
Choose 6 out of the following 7 courses:

DANCE 131 Mime Workshop  
DANCE 340 Performance Lab and Movement Analysis  
DANCE 390 Choreography for the Theatre  
DANCE 425 Kinesiology for Dancers  
DANCE 435 The Performance Artist in Society  
DANCE 440 Movement Theatre  
DANCE 460 Teaching Techniques, Musical Concepts, and Rhythmic Analysis  

Note: Students completing Dance Teacher Certification are required to take DANCE 161 and DANCE 460