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The Department of Dance and Performance Studies develops highly trained, creatively active and professionally oriented students with its unique curriculum.  A Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in Dance/Performance.  The program allows for individual attention from the faculty, all working professionals in the field.

Courses are offered in technique (Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Mime, Movement Theatre, Ethnic and Social forms).  Theory courses include Choreography, Dance History, Pedagogy, Movement Analysis, Kinesiology, Performance Techniques, and other Special Topic courses to keep students on
 the forefront of emerging topics of the field.  The dance faculty guides students towards partnering the Dance and Performance Studies major with another major/minor for a broad range of career options in addition to performance and choreography; examples include Dance/Psychology towards Dance and Movement Therapy, Dance/Secondary Ed for a Teaching Certification, Dance/Biology for Occupational or Physical Therapy, Dance/Public Relations for work in the Communication field and Dance/Arts Management for non-profit or studio management.

Our program offers live accompaniment for each technique class and gives opportunities for students to collaborate with our staff composer, facilitating crucial skills for work in professional dance fields.  Students broaden their backgrounds in the related arts, foster perceptive appreciation and develop artistic discrimination.  An audition is required for acceptance into the program.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To channel the passion that leads students to choose dance as a career path and to develop it into an integrated part of how they live their lives and view the world
  • To experience Dance as an effective means of communicating experience and a route for the discovery and realization of the self
  • To develop high levels of competency in all aspects of the discipline, both practical and theoretical, in order to prepare Dance majors for success in related careers and in graduate school.
  • To provide students with an abundance of opportunities, under the guidance of faculty and guest artists, to experience the creative process in a rigorous, challenging and collaborative professional‐level environment.
  • To expose students to a variety of multicultural perspectives both through a scope of diverse guest artists and through study abroad programs.