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  • Communication & Media Studies

Communication & Media Studies Major

The Communication & Media Studies major recognizes that we live in a world where national boundaries are disappearing as international and domestic concerns and issues intersect, interact and overlap. To ensure that our students are prepared for living and working in this new global community, the Communication & Media Studies curriculum is committed to examining the mutually constitutive relationship between culture and communication and its impact in a globally diverse and multicultural environment. Coursework in Communication & Media Studies examines the production, transmission, and reception of messages to inform, persuade, entertain, develop relationships and build community in an ever-changing, cross-cultural context.

Students undertaking a major in Communication & Media Studies:

  • Learn theories, models, and concepts that investigate the relationship between culture and communication.
  • Develop research skills relevant to the study of culture and communication.
  • Cultivate a concern for communication ethics, social justice, and civic responsibility.
  • Understand the dynamics related to communication technologies and new media and develop appropriate applied skills.
  • Enhance and foster writing skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.


Majors pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies must satisfy University Core Curriculum requirements and the College speech requirement, COMM 210. In addition, majors must successfully complete 13 major courses, including an internship and a sufficient number of electives to total 120 credits. Majors are encouraged to apply electives towards a minor or second major.

Required Courses:

COMM 100 Introduction to Communication Studies  
COMM 101 Introduction to Mass Media  
COMM 165 Introduction to Visual Communication  
COMM 240 Digital Communication: Technology, Modes & Methods  
COMM 250 Intercultural Communication  
COMM 265 Visual Rhetoric-Visual Culture  
COMM 305 Mass Communication Theory and Criticism  
COMM 310 Media Law and Ethics  
COMM 330 International Communication  
COMM 390 Qualitative Research Methods in Communication  

and one of the following required Internships:

COMM 460 Internship  
COMM 461 Washington Internship and Experiential Learning Seminar  

and two (2) upper level courses in Communication & Media Studies from the following list:

COMM 365 Digital Media in a Global Context  
COMM 375 Global Audiences, Global Consumers  
COMM 380 Visual Media in a Cultural Context  
COMM 385 Gender, Globalization, and the Media  
COMM 432 Special Topics in Global Communication  
COMM 462 Washington DC Global Communication Seminar  
COMM 465 McLuhan’s Global Village