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The Anthropology + Sociology major at Roger Williams University is unique in its structure. Unlike other schools, RWU focuses on two social science disciplines together, as anthropology and sociology both examine social groups, culture and community on a local and global scale to help make sense of the changing world.

Hallmarks of the Anthropology + Sociology major include hands-on research opportunities, study of diverse cultures and groups, study of social change, focus on controversial political, social and economic issues and finally, attention to the diversity of human behavior and experience.

Students who major in Anthropology + Sociology have many options open to them in terms of careers and further education. An undergraduate degree in anthropology + sociology can prepare a student for work in community outreach, social services, the non-profit sector, education and for-profit sectors such as business. Students will also have the foundation to continue their education in a range of disciplines including but not limited to: anthropology, sociology, law, medicine and public policy.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Integration of anthropology and sociology
  2. “Hands‐on” applied learning
  3. Global competency
  4. Value of service
  5. Original research
  6. Critical engagement, requiring thoughtful and questioning participation in learning