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  • Blount Shellfish Hatchery

RWU operates the only shellfish hatchery in Rhode Island and produces shellfish seed for a variety of projects, including restoration and academic research. This facility, established in January 2004 and expanded in 2009, also provides the infrastructure used in aquaculture training opportunities for our students and the general public.
Shellfish Restoration Efforts

  • Blount Oyster Pond, Prudence Island (Narragansett Bay Shellfish Restoration Foundation - NBSRF)
  • Jenny’s Creek Oyster Restoration Program (NBSRF)
  • Quahog Restoration, Rhode Island Shellfisherman’s Association
  • Bay Scallop Culture

Biological Research Inititatives

  • Bay Scallop Habitat Model, EPA
  • Bay Scallop Dissolved Oxygen Tolerance, RIDEM/NOAA/NMFS
  • Supplying shellfish seed for graduate students at regional universities

Undergraduate Research

  • Breeding bay scallops
  • Hatchery production of remote set oysters
  • Mass production of phytoplankton using polyethelene bags
  • Nursery culture of oysters grown on strings in Blount oyster pond
  • Analysis of high lipid diets for bay scallops
  • Investigating predation of oysters on Reef BallTM structures set with oysters