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    Department of Anthropology+Sociology

     The Anthropology + Sociology major seeks to provide an enriching learning experience for students interested in focusing their studies on sociocultural components of human behavior. Anthropology and sociology share an interest in studying social interaction, cultural diversity, community development, social organizations, diverse groups of people, cross-cultural comparisons and the interactions of all these categories. The major seeks to acquaint students with the fundamentals of both anthropology and sociology, highlighting the similarities of the fields in their first two years of study. The ultimate goal is that the student gains a broad understanding of both fields, and a more specialized understanding of specific issues pertinent to either anthropology or sociology.

    Students who major in Anthropology + Sociology have many options open to them in terms of careers and further education. An undergraduate degree in Anthropology + Sociology can prepare a student for work in community outreach, social services, the non-profit sector, education and the for-profit sector of business. Students will also have the foundation to continue their education in a range of professions including but not limited to anthropology, sociology, law, medicine and public policy.