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    Communication & Media Studies Program

    Communication is essential to our identity and our culture. Within the framework of a sound liberal arts education, the Department of Communication offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies, to help prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields and industries. All Communication majors should have excellent writing and verbal skills and should display a critical curiosity about the world.

    In addition to the Major in Communication & Media Studies, we offer minors in both Global Communication and in Film Studies.

    The Global Communication Minor and CORE Concentration recognizes that communication does not occur in a vacuum and is always situated in a cultural context. It is designed to help students develop an awareness of this cultural interplay, helping them become competent and sensitive global citizens who can adapt and navigate successfully in this ever-changing, cross-cultural environment.

    The Film Studies Minor explores cinema and its relationship to broader social, cultural and political issues. The mission of the program is to allow students to explore film as a unique art form and as a medium that influences, and is influenced by, the context in which it is produced. Using an interdisciplinary framework, students within the minor have the opportunity to investigate both the professional aspects of cinematic studies—its evolution and the techniques of the filmmaking process—as well as critical approaches to the field, such as the relationship between cinema and other cultural productions, the international dimensions of the medium, and the power of visual culture in contemporary life. 


    Communication is at the heart of everything, from how we create and maintain relationships to how we generate and distribute messages and information in our communities, in the workplace and around the world. It is the act of imparting, informing, telling, sharing and showing. It involves language, behavior, visual and audible messages. Communication is primarily a social function. It is an essential part of one's culture and it creates and sustains our community.

    Studying Communication helps us understand the world we live in, the people and cultures we encounter at home, at work, at play, and the many ways that effective communication helps us achieve our goals. Studying Media helps us become literate about the many modes of communication that involve technology—print, film, radio, television, the Internet... and beyond.


    Students who are interested in researching and analyzing culture and media, in reading, writing and understanding how and why people communicate, both human to human and through the media, are great candidates for the Communcation and Media Studies major.

    Students, who want to study and work in an environment where their ability to think critically and solve problems creatively is valued, benefit from the Communcation and Media Studies curriculum where curiosity, imagination and innovation are essential. Here students learn to be both critical consumers and effective producers of messages and communication strategies that operate in global, multicultural and community contexts.

    Our C&MS students are curious, passionate and eager to work at understanding and solving complex communication problems for organizations and individuals in both profit and non-profit sectors.


    Where can a degree in Communication & Media Studies take you? Communication is an extremely diverse field. In addition the fields listed below, it provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in:

    Law • Business (MBA) • Communication • Usability • Government

    Here are just some of the many areas in which our graduates work:

    • Communications director
    • Communication liaison
    • NGO Manager/Director
    • Foreign service officer
    • International reporter/journalist
    • Media research specialist
    • Advertising account executive/manager
    • Filmmaker, producer
    • Media manager
    • Media buyer
    • U.N. Communication director
    • Corporate communications director
    • Cross-cultural and diversity trainer
    • International/multicultural student advisor
    • Student Program Director
    • Press secretary
    • Anywhere good communication skills are valued