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The Honors Living Learning Community (LLC)

The Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) is a required component of the Honors First Year Experience.  Students in the LLC participate in a summer project, a pre-orientation retreat, and live and learn together throughout this foundational first year on campus.

During the first year, students are housed together in Stonewall IV and take as many as three common courses together.  Stonewall IV is also home to the Honors Center--a communal space that serves as a common room with a lending library, movie watching lounge, and the Honors classroom.  

For many honors students, the LLC serves as the foundation for life-long friendships and the opportunity to work closely with honors faculty.  Both Dr. Spritz and Rena Piller-Thurston, the honors Administrative Assistant, have offices in the Honors Center, providing easy access to academic advising and support for Honors students.  Students maintain their privilege to the Honors space in Stonewall IV throughout their membership in Honors, from the time they first come to campus through graduation.