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  • Academics Honors Center

The Honors Center is housed in Stonewall Terrace, a typically upperclassmen residence hall. Students active in the Honors Program Living Learning Community (LLC) are invited to live in Stonewall regardless of their class year. The ground floor of Stonewall is the home base for Honors students, and functions as both a social and academic facility providing quiet study and group meeting space. Dr. Becky Spritz has her office adjacent to the Honors Center, ensuring ready access for guidance and support to students.

Students regularly use the Honors Center to host meetings with visiting scholars, periodic briefings on junior service and senior thesis projects, career and graduate placement support and all-program activities. The facility provides internet connectivity and supports a small lending library. Annually, students are invited to contribute their artwork to decorate the Centers walls. All Honors students have 24-hour card access to the Honors Center.