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  • The Honors Community

The Honors Community

Honors is a community unlike any other. In honors you get the opportunity to take classes with students from across the campus who are as engaged and committed to learning as you are. You get to participate in events and programming that emphasize the integrated nature of learning and the transformative nature of service.

In honors we emphasize the collective and multi-discliplinary nature of scholarship, community engagement, and leadership. We encourage you to bring the experience of your major, your individual research, and your campus engagement back to the program and to take it with you into the community. Our curriculum emphasizes the integration of the entire campus experience into the formation of sophisticated learners and thinkers--Citizen Scholars--who can reach beyond the conventional. The honors experience is an enriching experience because it is shared.

When you join the honors community you are joining Drs. Marston and Palm in the Bio and Engineering labs and Dr. Varano with the police in Providence and Dr. Case at the Popular Culture Association Conference. You are joining Dr. Spritz in Jamaica, Dr. Bender in Ireland, Dr. Campbell in Brazil, and Dr. Quezeda-Grant in the Dominican Republic.

Are you ready to be part of the community?