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  • First Year Experience

We want RWU to feel like home – academically, socially and in your residence hall – as soon as you arrive on campus. With special events, customized housing options, a tailored curriculum and more, the entire community of faculty, staff and students pitches in to help you make the transition to college life.

It’s all part of what we call the First Year Experience.

You’ll take part in at least one element of the University’s First Year Experience: Living Learning Communities (LLCs), the CORE curriculum or the RWU Experience (RWU XP).

What does this mean for you? We’re glad you asked!


Let’s start with our Living Learning Communities (LLCs). Every residence hall at RWU creates a great sense of community, but the University has taken things a step further with LLCs, which, in short:

  • Give you additional access to faculty mentors
  • Create a community within a community
  • Allow for greater interaction with Student Advocates
  • Come with built-in study groups and tutoring support
  • Offer opportunities to participate in special events, on- and off-campus

Designed to help you get the most out of your freshman year, LLCs strengthen the connection between the classroom and the residence hall and help you in the transition from high school to college.

And it doesn’t have to end there! You can create your own theme-based LLC as an upperclassman, and get your first pick of residence halls. 

Learn more about LLCs.

CORE Curriculum

Wondering how college courses will be different from what you’ve done in high school?

Well, in your first semester you’ll begin your adventures in the CORE curriculum. This transdisciplinary program will give you your liberal arts foundation and be the basis that you’ll build on over your four years. You’ll be in great company—every student at RWU has completed the CORE.

Find out more about RWU’s CORE curriculum.


And what about everything outside the classroom?

That’s where our RWU Experience (RWU XP) comes in! Led by both a faculty member and a Student Advocate peer leader, these small, non-credit group seminars are the perfect way to explore college life. It’s your forum for everything from learning about the RWU library, tutoring center and other resources to asking about course registration and involvement opportunities. You’ll have a chance to really get to know everyone in your group and your Student Advocate will be an invaluable resource for all things RWU.

Transfer Students

First year at RWU isn’t your first year of college?

Transfer students are an integral and influential part of our student body and we value the experience and academic growth you bring to campus. We know you have different needs than entering freshmen, and, by creating micro-communities of transfer students within our residence halls, we help you to find a network as you become part of our larger campus community.

Read more about the transfer process at RWU.

The First Year Experience is all about helping you settle in on campus. So whether you’re texting a question to your RWU XP Student Advocate, sipping a latte and discussing an idea with a CORE curriculum professor or meeting up with members of your LLC for an off-campus adventure, you’ll be on the right track for an amazing four years.