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Core Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar

The Core Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar unites studies in the liberal arts and sciences; integrates knowledge; and involves sophisticated analysis, synthesis, and defense of original ideas. Taught by full-time faculty from across the university, Core Interdisciplinary Senior Seminars feature small class sizes and active student involvement in the exploration and integration of knowledge on a variety of topics. All Core Interdisciplinary Senior Seminars are designed to meet a set of common learning outcomes—students:

  • Create an artifact that communicates and defends the student’s original ideas based on synthesis of the course topic and his/her interdisciplinary Core education.
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate significant ideas from across the arts and sciences.

Current Core Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar offerings include:

  • Ambiguous Other: Looking at the West as It Looks East
  • Are We of It or Against It? People and Their Planet in the 21st Century
  • Beyond Belief: Science and Religion in America
  • Books: The Life and Love of…
  • Collecting Ourselves: Why We Build, Preserve and Display Collections
  • Creating the American Image: 1919-1941
  • Cultural Creations: Women Across Time
  • Disease and Society
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Families and Society
  • Globetrotting: Inventing & Reinventing Ourselves
  • Great Powers and Great Responsibilities:  Superheroes, Politics, Society and Identity
  • The Internet and the Digital Revolution
  • Is My Social Justice Your Social Justice?
  • It’s All Greek to Us
  • Life, Liberty, and Exceptionality: Disability Studies and Notions of Self
  • Monster Ball: The Dance of Great Arguments About Evil
  • Obsession: Understanding it through the Arts
  • Pathways to Enlightenment: From Alchemy to Zen
  • Perspectives in World Culture: China
  • Popular Culture and Globalization
  • Prejudice and Institutional Violence
  • Researching Race
  • Sexual Identities
  • Technology, Self and Society
  • Visions of Utopia: Dreams and Delusions
  • War Propaganda
  • We the Public (and the Private)