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Core Competency Courses

The Core Competency Courses – one in mathematics and two in writing – prepare students to think abstractly and express their ideas clearly. Most students complete these courses during the first three semesters.

During the first year, all students complete a mathematics course. While Math courses numbered 110 and above satisfy the Core Competency requirement, a higher level of math may be required to satisfy the requirements of specific majors. The level of each entering student is determined by a placement exam administered during the summer and placement results are communicated at Orientation.

All RWU students take WTNG 102 and a second class at the 200 or 300 level to satisfy the University’s six-credit writing requirement. Students who would benefit from additional practice exploring the connection between college-level reading and writing, crafting sound sentences, and developing coherent essays are eligible to take WTNG 100 “Introduction to Academic Writing” prior to entering WTNG 102.

Students who submit SATs with a verbal score above 510 will be placed in WTNG 102 in the fall or spring of their first year.  Students who submit verbal SATs with a 510 or below will be placed in WTNG 100.  Students who do not submit SATs will participate in Directed Self-Placement (DSP), a process that will help them choose the most appropriate level at which to enter the University’s six-credit Writing Requirement. Contact Dr. Jennifer Campbell with questions or to confirm your decision.