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  • RWU - Religion and the State

Thursday April 23rd

12:00pm - 12:15pm Welcome

12:15pm - 1:15pm Roundtable: Religion and Politics: A Local History and it's Global Historical Impact Chair and Discussant: Sargon George Donabed (Roger Williams University)

Reverand Nancy Soukup, (Roger Williams University) Martha Sharp - Righteous Among the Nations 

Reverend Charles Hartman, (Roger Wiliams University) John Miles and Religious Tolerance of Baptists 


Panel 1 - Religion and State in Latin America
Chair and Discussant: Autumn Quezada-Grant (Roger Williams University)

Tarek Elaimine – The Future of Latin America Lies in the Past: Environment, Religion and the State
Maxwell Cohn – Religious Hybridity of the Virgin of Guadalupe
Alan DaSilva Alves – From Sango to St. George: Candomble and its Legitimation as a Religion in Brazil

Panel 2 – From the Colonial Period to the Modern Nation-State
Chair and Discussant: Sargon George Donabed (Roger Williams University)

Breanne Messier – Sex, Sexuality, and Gender in the Colonial Spanish World
Alicia Bourque - Competing Cosmovisions: Before and After New World Conquest 
Molly Hallisey - Secularization of France: How Governmental Measures Assimilate Religions

4:30-5pm coffee break

5:00pm Keynote Address: Politicization of Religion or Sacralization of Politics: Two Faces of Political Islam
Ali Banuazizi 
(Boston College)

Friday April 24th

11am-12:30pm Keynote Address: Christian Realism as a Model for Religion’s Influence in the State: Options, Statecraft, and Realpolitik

R. Ward Holder (St Anselm College)

12:30pm – 1:30 Lunch, Dining Commons

1:45-3:15pm Panel  - The State-Society Engagement
Chair and Discussant: Charlotte Carrington-Farmer (Roger Williams University)

Giancarlo Romeo – Playing God: How Authoritarian Leaders Authenticate Legitimacy of Command through Religious Language
Nick Moskowitz – The Tsars' Church and Putin's Church: The Russian Orthodox Church and the State
Sarah Gomes – Measuring Political Influence of Religious Dogma: Women in Contemporary Paganism and the Anglican/Episcopal Church

3:30-5:30pm Roundtable: Past, Present, and Future of Religious Education
Chair and Discussant: Sargon George Donabed (Roger Williams University)

R. Ward Holder (St Anselm College) – Gaining a Horizon: Teaching Religion in a Not-Really-Multicultural Society

Anthony Hollingsworth (Roger Williams University) – Ex Corde: Then and Now

Rev. Fr. Gregory Nicholas Christakos (St. Vladimir’s Seminary/ Sts. Anargyroi Greek Orthodox Church) – Engaging The Senses: The Orthodox Model Of Worship As Education

Discussion - Ecotheology and Ecospirituality as a Way Forward?