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    Academic Services

    From placement testing to determining your classes freshman year to finding out your final exam schedule, Roger Williams University has a number of services to help you through your academic career.


    Students register for classes through the Office of the Registrar, but the Office is also responsible for maintaining student records, publishing the Course Catalog and creating exam schedules among other things.

    Peer Mentorship

    Peer Mentorship is here to facilitate the transition to college and the academic success of students at Roger Williams University through mentoring, advocacy and encouragement.


    Available to all physically-qualified Americans, ROTC emphasizes the development of leadership skills and preparation for leadership roles in the Army. Significant scholarships are available.

    The ELS Language Center

    The ELS Language Center on RWU's campus offers an Intensive English Program as well as intermediate level English as a Second Language program for non-native English speakers.


    RWU has placement guidelines to determine the appropriate entry-level course for new students taking courses in the areas of chemistry, foreign language, mathematics and writing. While RWU is standardized test optional for Admission in most majors, we do require the submission of test scores for academic placement.

    Instructional Design & Technologies

    This office provides instructional support and training resources, supports integration of technology in the classroom, promotes collaboration among faculty and students and provides the technology tools needed to reach the full potential of lifelong learning.


    Work closely with our professional advisors to plan for your academic career track. Whether you want to pursue Business Management or Theatre, we have advisors to help you decide where you want to go and to make sure you get there.

    Faculty Spotlight


    The Center for Scholarship, Assessment, Learning & Technology provides all members of our scholarly community with research-based programs, resources, and support which honor the diversity of learning, teaching, and disciplinary styles.