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Omar was working at a bookstore when he overheard some students excitedly talking about their creative writing course. Intrigued, he asked where they were going to school. Roger Williams University was their reply. A student at the Community College of Rhode Island, Omar had been thinking about his next step, so he applied to RWU.

“When I came to RWU, I didn’t feel like there was enough diversity. I wanted people to learn about my culture,” Omar says. So, he did what any college student would do…he asked the Provost to offer a Latino and Latina Literature course that wasn't scheduled for enrollment. Once it was approved, he found a professor to teach it and found eight other students to take it with him. “The course was absolutely amazing,” he recalls.

Since then, Omar has presented at a conference on racism, has been an Orientation Advisor and has participated in the Multicultural Student Union. “I always knew I could do better, but never applied myself. Now, I am so proud. I’ve arrived.”

“Someday I want to win a Pulitzer—to have an impact on people’s lives. I’ve had so many great opportunities that led me to where I am. People at RWU have no idea what a difference they’ve made in my life. I need to do something big!”