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International Relations
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When Cody came to Roger Williams University he knew one thing for certain: he wanted to study International Relations. What he didn’t know was where his major and his love of languages would take him. Cody spent his entire junior year in Jordan studying the language and working with Palestinian and Iraqi refugees as well as helping with community development projects. He was swimming…well…floating in the Dead Sea, stayed with Bedouin nomadic tribes in the desert of Wadi Rum, visited Petra, went scuba diving around coral reefs and sunken tanks in the Red Sea and completed a 150 mile running race in 19 hours from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, cutting through the heart of Jordan’s desert region. Cody brought new meaning to the phrase Learning to Bridge the World.

“For being somewhat of an international relations/political science nerd it really doesn’t get a lot more exciting than this. Jordan is a pillar of stability teetering cozily between Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel, and is just a short drive from Lebanon.”

Did he ever expect all this from RWU?

“I could not have told you in a million years that my education would lead me to Jordan had you asked me as I was enrolling into Roger Williams University. However, I knew that I wanted to study politics and found it very interesting that both Arabic and Chinese were offered languages at the time I was making my decision. I visited the campus, heard good things about the Political Science/International Relations departments, was drawn to (and impressed by) the, “Bridging the World,” mentality promoted by the University, and made my decision. I remain very pleased with this choice and owe a lot to the guidance of the excellent professors within the International Relations department, and to my advisor, for getting me to where I am today.”