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Historic Preservation
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Caitlin chose RWU because she knew she wanted to study Historic Preservation, and she knew she wanted to study at a liberal arts university. RWU married the two for her. “I made the decision to come to RWU without seeing the school. The first time I saw campus was at Orientation right before the start of classes. I called my mom and told her that I absolutely loved it; that it could be my home and I would be happy. It’s small, but not too small.”

Caitlin took advantage of our study abroad programs, traveling to both Buenos Aries, Argentina, and Florence, Italy. “Buenos Aries and Florence were two very different experiences, but equally life changing. There is so much personal growth that comes with traveling abroad. You find out who you are and what you do and don’t like.”

“Historic Preservation is a small program at RWU. Because of that, I had small classes and close relationships with my professors. They knew who I was, and could recommend me for internships. They are the reason why I got my internship jobs, without a doubt. There are so many opportunities available to you here.”

Caitlin said that Historic Preservation labs were some of her favorite classes. “We were out visiting different places—architecture labs, town halls and different firms. There were so many people for us to network with. Knowing people in the industry before graduation is just invaluable.”