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Where’s Roger?

WINNERS: The first three complete sets of cards were returned by:

--Savannah Whitley '16

--Katie DeBlois '17

--April Thibaudeau '14, Julia Cianciolo '15, Brenna Toman '14 and Kayla Newton '14

We hope you had fun and thank you to everyone who participated!

UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of our campus partners, there will now be THREE (3) prizes up for grabs. Prizes will be selected by the winner based on the order in which the winners (those with a verified set of cards) identified themselves. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 6.


For two weeks this fall, we invite students to participate in a scavenger hunt to find Roger in secret hiding places across campus. The first two individuals (or teams!) to turn in a complete set of six Roger Cards will receive a prize. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A complete set of Roger Cards consists of six (6) colored cards with a unique fact about Roger on them. You must turn in a complete set to win. Two complete sets will be strategically hidden throughout campus over two weeks.
  • Clues will be provided via social media (Facebook and Twitter) and will be posted on this website
  • You may participate as an individual, or in teams of up to five (5) students
  • If someone finds the clue card, don’t fret – you’re not entirely out of the game! In addition to the clue sets, an additional 594 cards (98 sets) will be hidden in random locations throughout camps – so Pay Attention!
  • The game cards are waterproof – all campus locations (indoors and outdoors) are fair game
  • Prizes will be revealed throughout the week along with clues
  • Once you have a complete set, email for instructions on where to turn in your Roger Cards