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    Who We Are

    In the fall of 2014, Roger Williams University embarked upon the Vision Project – an ambitious, campus-wide undertaking to articulate a roadmap for the future of the University. With more than 20 committees comprising faculty, staff, students and trustees – along with input from an array of voices from the community beyond our campus – a new Core Purpose, a set of Core Values and a University Goal were authored collectively and adopted unanimously by the Board of Trustees in the summer of 2015. This is Who We Are.


    Roger Williams University is inextricably connected to Roger Williams, the 17th-century leader devoted to freedom of conscience and social justice who founded a community in Rhode Island based on those tenets. Roger Williams’ philosophy, and what has been called his “lively experiment,” nurtured the growth of vibrant and open societies. Our pursuit of excellence in education, academic accomplishment and community service is rooted in his focus on intellectual exchange, critical thinking, inclusiveness and innovation as a means of improving a free society. It is this legacy that inspires our core purpose.

    Core Purpose

    To strengthen society through engaged teaching and learning. We inspire and educate students to lead fulfilled lives by ensuring they acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and habits of mind necessary to become reflective, responsible individuals who interact with society in mutually rewarding ways.

    Core Values

    A Roger Williams University education is:

    Transformative. We are committed to an expansive student-centered experience, characterized by academic rigor, critical thinking, collaboration and community engagement, that enriches students, the University and the broader society.

    Engaged. We collaborate with one another and with constituencies outside the University to promote individual learning and to help address community needs.

    Experiential. We provide an educational environment that bridges theory and practice, enhancing the ability of students to fulfill their potential and to contribute to society.

    Inclusive. We welcome and value all expressions of diversity and identity, actively promote inclusion and prepare students to challenge societal norms and to thrive in a culturally diverse and global society.

    Innovative. We are nimble in developing and piloting changes for the continuous improvement of learning, service and all other aspects of University life.

    University Goal

    To Build the University the World Needs Now

    1. By working with communities to address problems that matter most to society
    2. By utilizing transformative educational experiences in preparing all students to fulfill their potential as lifelong learners, professionals and citizens
    3. By meeting the higher education needs of dedicated and aspiring learners of all ages and career stages
    4. By being affordable for every student who is admitted to the University
    5. By hiring faculty and staff, and recruiting students, who mirror the diversity of our region
    6. By promoting sustainability as a core principle on the campus and in the community