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  • Student Affairs : Mission Statement

The Mission of the Office of Student Life is to create a sense of community that empowers students with the confidence to succeed as learners.

Learning Responsibility
We provide students with experiences that will allow them to learn to reason critically, communicate effectively, develop group and leadership skills, and to think for themselves within and outside of the classroom. We practice the belief that while one is responsible and accountable for one's life, we all bear the responsibility for the well-being of the community.

The Goal
To that end, we honor achievement, strive for diversity and integrate experiential, dynamic learning in our quest for providing a holistic student experience.

Statement of Philosophy
In an effort to assist students to become active and engaged scholars, we promote student learning both in and out of the classroom. Students who are active in our campus community in both curricular and co-curricular activities learn, grow and mature more profoundly. We are committed to enriching the learning experience with opportunities and challenges that will prepare our students for their role in an interdependent community. To this end, we see the value in students grappling with adversity as they navigate new waters and explore new terrain. Our professional staff is committed to fostering a supportive, learning-centered environment that aids students in their growth as they learn to thrive within a community. Our aim is to coach students to solve their own problems, thus, taking control of their lives and reaping the natural benefits and fulfillment that come with learning self-advocacy skills. Ultimately, we are most proud when our students graduate as active learners who are positioned well to succeed as engaged citizens.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Working closely with students, faculty, administration and staff members in guiding policies and programs aimed at student success, nurturing student leaders, celebrating student achievements, educating students through the judicial process, providing personal and financial support for student initiatives that support collective decision-making and social action.

Developing programs and services that provide positive campus and community involvement and a desire for lifelong learning.

Communicating regularly with professional staff within our division, with university administration and faculty throughout the university and keeping in close contact with our students to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of our programs, and to ensure that our students' educational needs are met.