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Parking Permits on sale beginning August 1 for $170.00 for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Parking rules and regulations establish standards for the administration and enforcement of campus parking at Roger Williams University. The privilege of parking at Roger Williams University comes with the responsibility of adhering to the rules and regulations published herein. Assignments of parking areas are designed to provide maximum safety and utility for students, employees, and visitors, to protect University property and expedite University business.  Parking on campus is at your own risk. Students and employees are responsible for being familiar with the parking rules and regulations. A failure to know does not constitute a defense.

The term “Campus”, for the purpose of these regulations, encompasses all Roger Williams University property, including the Almeida Complex, all parking lots and the Baypoint Residence and Conference Center.

The Department of Public Safety Traffic Control Office will issue parking permits for a fee of $170.00 each to authorized individuals. Undergraduate students will be limited to one active permit. A new parking permit must be obtained each academic year. A parking permit can be obtained upon completion of a web-based parking permit application ( ). Persons applying for a parking permit must have a valid driver’s license and the vehicle for which a permit application is submitted must have a valid registration, liability insurance, and a current safety inspection sticker, as required by the state in which the vehicle is registered. All off campus residents (Commuter, Graduate, and Law) must provide their local addresses in addition to home addresses.  A university official may request verification/inspection of these documents at any time. A valid photo ID and vehicle registration must be provided in order to pick up a permit should you choose not to use our PERMIT DIRECT option available via the permit website. Between August 1 – 31 permits students/staff may select to have their permit sent to their home address or alternatively parking permits will be able to be picked up at the Campus Recreation Center during the first week of school after which they may be picked up at the main gate Information Center. Half year permits ARE available for those students studying abroad or graduating in December.  Refunds will be issued at the end of the first semester and will be verified through the registrar.  Please contact for more details.

Permits are unique to each vehicle and are, therefore, non-transferable.

Students, employees, and visitors park at Roger Williams University at their own risk and without any liability to the University. Roger Williams University assumes no responsibility or liability for fire, theft, damage to or loss of any automobile or any article left therein. Only permission to park is granted and no bailment is created.