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Contact the media•tech support desk at extension 6363 or email us at

The RWU Walk Up Support Center is located on the Lower Level of the Law School, near the Copy Center. Hours are posted on the main IT web site and vary depending on the time of year.

The IT department is located in room 18 and room 35 on the Lower Level of the Law School.

Our Team

Please escalate any questions to Chief Information Officer Daryl Ford.

Staff Name Ext.
Jason Ataya 3367
Joseph Auger 3052
James Brown 5230
Zelia Caetano 3897
Linda Dallaire 3285
Kevin Duarte 3168
John Ferreira 3075
Kevin Flynn 5390
Jim Galib 3690
Joseph Harrington 3695
Karen Jones 5330
Brian Kacmarsky 3292
Daryl Ford 3148
Tim Kindle 3697
Kevin LeClair 3519
Arthur LePage 3850
Robin Levesque 3665
Scott Lopes 5305
Karen Lucas 3528
Paula Mack 3278
Tony Maciel 3427
Mike Massa 3613
Laura Masterson 3361
Joel Normandin 3660
Jim Morris 3691
Ethan Nemkovich 5739
Gerry Normandin 3364
Mary Pittari 3474
Al Roda 3721
Ryan Tiebout 3414
Catherine Ward 3851
Eric Went 5348