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  • Safety Tip

July's Tip: Nesting Bird Safety and Awareness

It is nesting season for seagulls, and once again we have several known and active nests located on our campus:

  • Recreation Center Roof, near the Rec Center/Law School sidewalk
  • Recreation Center Roof, near ELS and the gravel path along the ball fields

Other nest locations in past years have included the SAAHP roof and the Main Library roof – there may be nests here this year as well. As the seagull chicks get bigger, they sometimes will leave the roof and live on the campus grounds.

Please be aware that the nesting seagulls are very protective of their young and can react aggressively towards any perceived threat. These reactions can include “swooping” at people and making loud noises when people are near the chicks to try to scare away the perceived threat.

Please avoid walking on the above-mentioned pathways as much as possible, and if you do need to use these paths, remember:

  • Do not go near or interact with the seagull chicks or their parents
  • Do not feed the seagulls or any other wildlife on campus
  • Be aware of the presence of these birds in these areas and listen and look before walking in these areas
  • Report any immediate safety concerns or injuries to Public Safety at x3333