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  • Safety Tip

Mid-April Safety Tip: Imporant Reminders Regarding Safe Campus Travel


This is a “STOP” sign, not a “(ST)OPTIONAL” sign!

There have been a number of recent incidents with drivers ignoring campus stop signs. Ignoring stop signs makes the campus unsafe for pedestrians and other drivers. Treat these signs as you would any other stop sign – come to a complete stop, check for traffic and pedestrians, and then proceed when it is safe to do so. Please notify Public Safety (x3333) if you see unsafe driving on campus.  

Check “Left, right, left” not “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram” before you cross the road!

Pedestrians are responsible for using safe walking routes, including using crosswalks when crossing the street and using sidewalks instead of walking on the grass. Give crossing the street your full attention – look and listen for vehicles and other roadway traffic before using a designated crosswalk to cross the street. Pay attention to your surroundings and watch where you’re going! Please report any unsafe road or sidewalk conditions to Facilities (x3136) or Public Safety (x3333).